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John Coutis - International Speaker, Trainer and Author

How are YOU using your GIFTS and TALENTS?

Discover how John Coutis inspires millions to overcome obstacles and do what they love anyway.

John Coutis – Rolling Success, Speaker, Author and Trainer, is a believer in your success. He is one of the world’s top professional speakers, having led the stage with the likes of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, Lee Lacocca, Mark Victor Hansen, Stephen Covey, and Brian Tracy over the past 20 years.

He has inspired and educated millions of people, including business leaders, school children and sporting legends, around the world with countless examples of how our success is already written regardless of the gifts and talents we are born with. He teaches simple principles in leadership, resilience and using your experience in life to touch millions around you.


He has shared the stage with some of the world’s foremost international speakers, such as Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, and Lee Lacocca, to the National Achievers Conference, John Coutis has educated over 6M people and business leaders worldwide, and inspired 100’s of thousands of school children.

John Coutis’ reach into Asia is epic, with over 15,000 attendees at each talk, across 170 cities and the Red Army at either end of the stage to control the fans. He is followed throughout China and the world and remains engaged with his audience using a simple approach to networking through technology.

Talking to them, his speeches and talks are sought after across the world, having toured Australia, China, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan and Inner Mongolia.



  • John's enthusiasm for life and his anecdotes made us all very conscious of just how much dedication and commitment it takes to climb even the smallest step of adversity. John has climbed far more than mere steps, and his strength and belief in himself will see him conquer mountains! We hope that John will be able to take his powerful message into the broader business & Australian community to help those who face a far greater barrier in life - a broken spirit. May his strength help others to rise above all obstacles

    Bill Chillingworth CB Richard Ellis
  • You are one of the most amazing individuals I've met in a long time! Your presentation was both thought provoking & entertaining - it made me laugh & it made me cry. My managers were so impressed they are urging me to get John back every month, so you can inspire the jobseekers to overcome adversity through determination, passion & a love for life. Once again thank you for your magnificent contribution to our National Managers' Conference 200

    Sarina Russo Sarina Russo Group
  • This is a gentleman whose own adversity and triumph over it, are personal inspirations to everybody. On top of this, he speaks superbly, he has a clear mind, he has a wonderful sense of humour and he's generous with his time and talents. In a world which too often dwells on the negatives, John is a young man who triumphs over them

    Alan Jones 2GB 873 Radio
  • John Coutis is fast becoming the world's best known disabled speaker. His story will zap you instantly out of any pity party you might be cultivating. Living, moving and being without legs or a wheelchair, he has developed world class self-esteem, self-confidence and self-reliance. He reminds us of all of our blessings (which we take for granted) and the infinite possibilities that are before us. I recommend you to invite him to your next speaking opportunity

    Mark Victor Hansen Chicken Soup for the Soul

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